Halo 5: How to Earn the Unicorn Skins for Weapons

Halo 5: How to Earn the Unicorn Skins for Weapons


It seems 343 Industries are not quite done with Halo 5 just yet. They have recently announced of the New Content Coming to the Game…Unicorn Weapon Skins! The Weapons skins are said to become available very slowly and deliberately. Halo 5: How to Earn the Unicorn Skins for Weapons 

source: gamespot.com

My horn can pierce the sky.

To get the “Fire” skin, you need to “create something awesome” in Halo 5 and have it be featured on the developer’s Waypoint site. “We want to recognize and reward players who are creating great content and helping to enrich our community, and this is one of the few things we have left to help do that,” 343 said.

The studio will go back through its 2017 Waypoint posts and retroactively award the weapon skins to players. This could be for having their gameplay clip featured as a “Play of the Week” in 343’s weekly blog posts or for doing anything else that the studio deems worthy.

“If you’ve been featured, hang tight,” 343 said. “We’ll be rolling these out shortly but since it is a manual process we appreciate your patience.”

The Unicorn “Ice” skin will be given to people who play with or against during the developer’s Community Playdates sessions; the first of the skins will go to people who participated in the Valentine’s Day event earlier this month. The next event will take place next week. In the future, 343 said it will publish a schedule for these events so players can have a better chance of getting the skin.

The “Ice” skin

In other Halo 5 news, 343 announced that this weekend’s Warzone Firefight Mythic playlist will feature the Skirmish at Darkstar map. Additionally, 343 confirmed that the current rotational playlist, Assault, will be replaced next week by Covie Slayer. Finally, the developer said it has completed work on a “small maintenance update” for Halo 5 that should be out during the second week of March. The primary focus of this patch is bug fixes for the Forge mode.

In an announcement this week Halo Developers have announced all future Halo Games will have Split Screen. Halo 5: How to Earn the Unicorn Skins for Weapons