Halo 5 More Covenant Items coming to Forge

Halo 5 More Covenant Items coming to Forge


Halo 5 Came out this Time one Year ago and 343i have supported the game all the way through offering free DLC to all. Now more Covenant Items are coming to forge since they are such a big part of the Halo Universe. Halo 5 More Covenant Items coming to Forge

source: gamespot.com

“We scoured our maps to find pieces and even shapes we could rip out of them that would make great accents with a wide variety of applications,” French explained. “We looked for pieces that would make great accents to levels, helping add the curves where needed and augmented that list with a lot of Covenant staples; Phantoms, drop pods, weapon pods, etc. Additionally, we opened up the flood gates on social media asking for suggestions. The hundreds of screenshots and suggestions helped us prioritize what we were going to ultimately deliver. For sake of time and bandwidth we opted to spit the list between the two types of Covenant themes; more classic Covenant style was prioritized for the first update and then followed by assets from the Elite home world Sangheili in the next (coming soon!).”

French went on to say that the new Halo 5 update containing the Sangheili items is “huge” and there is a “lot to discuss about it.” For now, all we know is what can be gathered by the screenshots above, which were released in the blog post. Click through the gallery to see them all.

343 has for a long time now been teasing the next Halo 5 update. In the newest blog post, 343 said “work on the next Halo 5 release continues,” though no specifics were provided. 343 previously said that the new update will deliver “a few flavors of goodness,” whatever that means.

In September the new Anvil’s Legacy will be released for halo 5. Halo 5 More Covenant Items coming to Forge