Halo 5 Player can now Play Beer Pong in Game

Halo 5 Player can now Play Beer Pong in Game


This Halo 5 Fans have found a way to play beer pong in the game with out actual beer, cups or ball. How did they do this check out the article below for more detail. Halo 5 Player can now Play Beer Pong in Game

source: foodbeast.com

As users create new concepts for gaming maps — they are also creating new ways to interact and play inside these virtual worlds. Reddit user, Zandril, discovered Forge user and Halo player AFTM Reclaimer created a map that included a really cool beer pong game that the Halo soldiers can actually play. Zandril posted this find to the subreddit, ‘r/gaming’ and it received more than 6,000 points in three hours. That’s a lot.

Clips of Halo 5’s newfound adult drinking game is a little less violent than running around throwing grenades and firing rocket launchers at each other, but sadly, it is not officially released on Xbox or PC. However, the Forge-based Halo 5 version of beer pong looks super fun and very easy to operate.

YouTuber, ZannyVids, posted a video breakdown of the Forge-based Halo 5 map on July 25, and it looks pretty legit.

The Forge Gaming Network is a platform that prides itself on allowing users to build maps inside of existing games for free. Forge, according to its website, is a “clan development and support platform,” that was launched in 2012.

Thanks to the Original creators of halo Bungie we were able to play forge for the first time in 2007 Halo 3, now with technology far advanced and games with microscopic detail there is no limits t what we can do. Halo 5 Player can now Play Beer Pong in Game