Halo Wars 2 Feedback and Changes

Halo Wars 2 Feedback and Changes


As many as you know that some of us gt to play the Halo Wars 2 Beta on Xbox earlier this year. With 343 taking charge they are happy to announce that some issues such as connectivity has been fixed for the final game and more. Halo Wars 2 Feedback and Changes

source: attackofthefanboy.com

Halo Wars 2 Feedback and Changes

Here’s a snippet from the new post regarding the criticisms and what they will ultimately be tweaking:

“Probably the biggest criticism we heard about the beta was issues with connectivity, de-synchs, etc.  I’m happy to say that, thanks to you, we’ve already addressed these issues in the final game.

There are a significant number of individual changes and adjustments being made, including unit tuning, game mode pacing, UI improvements, stability, and flow improvements based on the data we received from the beta. At a high level, there are five main areas of focus that we’ll be adjusting, in addition to the general improvements listed above:

  • Controls
  • Leader Abilities
  • Bases
  • Resources and Energy
  • Population”

They go into a lot more detail describing exactly what they plan to adjust for each category in the article. They also note that these fixes are just the beginning in ensuring that they deliver the best possible experience when the game eventually launches. The game has a TBA 2017 release date for both Xbox One and Windows 10, though a beta will be coming to both platforms early next year.

Personally I really enjoyed the Beta of Halo Wars 2 as I loved the 1st game, with 343 taking charge this is going to be a really good RTS and hopefully even better than the original Halo Wars. Halo Wars 2 Feedback and Changes