Halo Wars 2: Lack of Competitive/Rank System

Halo Wars 2: Lack of Competitive/Rank System


Microsoft had released a Sequel to Halo Wars the Past February 21th. Although the Game is well Design and Extremely addictive there are some issues to deal with such as a lack for Competitive and rank Games, Microsoft have addressed this will come out later on the Year. Halo Wars 2: Lack of Competitive/Rank System

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Lack of Ranked Competitive System, and Many More Issues Revealed

According to GameSpot, 343 Industries stated that the “formal ranked competitive system” was intentionally delayed. This was simply because the video game company believed that removing the raking environment in “Halo Wars 2” would be “more inviting and less stressful” for the players

Without the ranked competitive system, “Halo Wars 2” gamers would have more time trying out various strategies and practices without pressure. Also, delaying the said mode will give 343 Industries more time to address the issues the game has.

“Halo Wars 2” balancing issues usually start to emerge after “players have spent considerable time exploring units and developing strategies and synergies.” 343 Industries also added that it would be easier for players to find these “hot-fixable issues” in a non-competitive environment compared to being in a ranked competition.

Moreover, the game’s developers 343 Industries and Creative Assembly revealed that “Halo Wars 2” has a “skill-based matchmaking” in the works, Eurogamer¬†reported. However, the ranked based competitiveness is still not part of the display.

Meanwhile, the executive producer of Creative Assembly David Nicholson told the publication that the game developers want to assure that “Halo Wars 2” is already “as balanced as possible.” This it to make the game ready before they start revealing the competitive multiplayer ranking in spite of the beta they have released earlier.

This is at First for Microsoft since Halo has always been a Game where Competitive and Ranked Game play always Strive. Compared to Past Halo Titles this is the first to be missing a Ranked System. There is a Spartan Rank which shows the Time Played not the Skill. Halo Wars 2: Lack of Competitive/Rank System