Halo Wars 2: New Leader, Units and Update

Halo Wars 2: New Leader, Units and Update


If you were one of those Original Halo Wars Player you must remember the exhausting 8 long years we waited and fantasized over a sequel. Looks like we won’t have to wait for DLC since the 1st Halo Wars 2 expansion has arrived. Halo Wars 2: New Leader, Units, and Update 

source: wwg.com

“Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Kinsano was once a key insurrectionist leader in the Outer Colonies, leading a political and military campaign against the Unified Earth Government for the independence of her homeworld. Known as “Inferno” to her comrades, Kinsano is not as disciplined as other UNSC officers, but her ruthlessness and inspirational presence makes her one of the most respected Marine leaders aboard the ship. She takes to the field in her personalized Flame Cyclops, leading the Firestorm Battle Group, a strike force of ODSTs, Marines, and Hellbringers that specialize in delivering promethean fire to the enemies of humanity.

From a gameplay perspective, Kinsano embodies new playstyles and opens up new tactics with her focus on destructive and powerful fire damage that can quickly lay waste to enemy infantry and structures alike. But commanders should take note, despite her effectiveness against ground-targets, Kinsano and her allies have shown particular vulnerabilities to aerial assaults.”

In addition to the new leader, the update brings several extra units, including Kinsano’s hulking Cyclops mech and the Flame Warthog, and abilities, like the destructive Napalm Missiles and Inferno. So yeah, in case you hadn’t picked up on it yet, this update is all about fire. Pretty, pretty fire

Halo Wars 2 Update bring in the usual Bug fixes, Game tweaks, and some Playability enhancements. The New DLC for Halo Wars is available for PC and Xbox One for only 6$. Halo Wars 2: New Leader, Units, and Update