Halo Wars 2 PC Release Date, is Halo 6 the End?

Halo Wars 2 PC Release Date, is Halo 6 the End?


Will Halo 6 Be the End for our Hero Master Chief? Halo franchise has come a long way since Halo: CE and it still grips our excitement when a new game is coming out. Will Halo Wars 2 hold Important Plot for Halo 6? Halo Wars 2 PC Release Date, is Halo 6 the End? 

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More than Meets the Eye

Grace explained that while he can make whatever story he likes, it has to have that Halo appeal. However, it seems the entire creative team has some huge ideas for the entire game.

The game is set 28 years after the first Halo Wars. The crew of the Spirit of Fire will have to piece a puzzle together not only to remember the past, but to prepare themselves for what’s coming.

This is akin to the player’s journey. But unlike them using characters with a set piece of objectives, the characters are just as dumbfounded as them.

Grace added that it’s not just about the separation of level design, narrative and cinematics. Everything has to go smoothly with each other, which takes a bit of time. But it was the fun part. They all had control over the aspects of characters — from dialogue on and off the screen, and to what they say mid-battle.

The levels themselves are unique and playable a ton of times. Every detail counts, and every action can turn the tide of the battle. Grace also revealed that at times they had to remove entire arcs just to make sure everything fits. They had to make sure the story is not just related to the Halo franchise, it must be moving ahead.

But with the remnants of the Covenant aboard, and a new kind of Brutes on the horizon, just what happened 28 years into Halo Wars? And is Halo Wars 2 heralding the end of the story?

Affecting the Timeline
It seems there’s more than meets the eye, and Halo Wars 2 will be revealing a much more interesting dynamic between core Halo characters and their own cast.

As to which of these characters are going to meet, we still have no idea. There are some characters from older Halo games that could show up and change the narrative. The Arbiter, Spartan Locke and even Master Chief himself can make a cameo in Halo Wars 2.

With 343I trying to make a consistent universe between all Halo Games it is possible true that Whatever Happens in Halo Wars 2 will Effect Halo 6 Story line. Halo Wars 2 PC Release Date, is Halo 6 the End?