Halo Wars 2 Release and Halo Wars Remastered

Halo Wars 2 Release and Halo Wars Remastered


Halo Wars 2 has been confirmed for a February release 2017. Microsoft are also hoping to release Halo Wars remastered before the release of the sequel. We are not sure if it will be release with Halo Wars 2 or before it. Halo Wars 2 Release and Halo Wars Remastered

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Regarding the standalone release, the company has not said anything specific, but it will indeed add this definite edition in the Halo Wars 2 Deluxe Edition which costs US$79.99. The company is also offering a standard edition for US$59.99. This edition doesn’t include remastered Halo Wars.

Fans have started speculating on the release of the remastered version. Fans believe that the standalone release will take place sometime before or after the upcoming Halo Wars 2. Regarding the remastered version, Microsoft suggests that the developer has included improved graphics in the new version. The remastered version will also include all the DLC content created for the game.

As Microsoft hasn’t talked about anything regarding the standalone version, it is better to wait for the company’s announcement. Microsoft also kept the remastered version away from E3 2016. During the event, the company launched the Halo Wars 2 beta but didn’t speak anything specific about the remastered version for the original game.

Halo Wars 2 will have its own Deluxe Edition with possible Halo Wars Remastered. it is also possible for Microsoft to Release Halo Wars Remastered for Xbox One and PC. Halo Wars 2 Release and Halo Wars Remastered