Here Are A Few Reasons To Get The Nintendo 2DS XL.

Here Are A Few Reasons To Get The Nintendo 2DS XL.


Many always wonder if they should get a new console for many many reasons but here we will be telling you why you should get the  New Nintendo 2DS XL. 5 reasons to be exact.

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1. You’re New to the 3DS Ecosystem

For years I have been directing first-time buyers toward Nintendo’s tiny, budget-priced 2DS system, and, truth be told, at $80 with a bundled game, it’s still a little hard to pass up. That said, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is superior in every way. It’s a heartier system with more to offer. Basically, it packs in all the processing power, NFC (amiibo) functionality, and the additional control options of the New 3DS line. Just, y’know, without the 3D part.

Suggested Titles

If you’re new to the 3DS/2DS line, boy, are you in for a treat! New Super Mario Bros. 2, from way back in 2012, is an ideal place to start; it’s beautiful, accessible, and still tons of fun. While the 3D effect gave an almost unimaginable level of depth to 2013’s Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, it’s still a must-play for those who missed this early-generation jewel. Lastly, let’s not overlook Pokémon X/Y; while there are newer iterations (like 2014’s Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby and Sun and Moon from last year), the 3DS’s original foray into the world of Pokémon is another terrific throwback.

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2. You’re in the Market for a Uniquely Roadworthy Gaming System

While the original 2DS was (and remains) an amazing value, its large, flat footprint sometimes made it awkward to transport. In a bag, backpack, or carry-on it was fine, but try putting that bad boy in your pocket! Smaller than the 3DS XL because of its redesigned form factor—the speakers have been moved to the lower part of the clamshell and the cartridge and microSD card slots safely repositioned behind a “hinged” door—the New Nintendo 2DS XL now also folds up to keep its screens safe and make it a more apt traveling companion.

3. You’re Graduating From a 2DS

Let’s say you’re a kid (or a thrifty adult) that’s ready to move up from the old-style 2DS to a sleeker, more modern portable gaming machine. Not only does the New Nintendo 2DS XL look the part, with its Tron-style blue-on-black color scheme and comfortable matte finish, its bigger screens and extended functionality make it a much more robust portable all around.

4. You’re Upgrading From an Original 3DS/3DS XL

Maybe you were confused by the “New” 3DS nomenclature, or maybe your original model Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL simply suited your needs just fine. Now, though, it’s likely getting a tad long in the tooth. If you balked at the price of the New 3DS XL or couldn’t find one of those handsome black New 3DS systems last holiday season, this new hardware should scratch the appropriate itch. At $150, the New 2DS XL is a substantial upgrade at a solid price point.

5. You Genuinely Don’t Care About 3D Gaming Capabilities

For reasons, be they medical or aesthetic, the promise of portable 3D gaming really never appealed to you. Sure, you goofed off with a demo unit or possibly a friend’s 3DS, but it felt more like a novelty than a real system to you. Well, I don’t want to say you’re wrong, but… Seriously, though, in this case, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is for you. It has all the bells and whistles with none of the unnecessary 3D visuals.