How to Build Arena in Fallout 4

How to Build Arena in Fallout 4


Hey are you looking for a good way to build your own mega arena in Fallout 4 to pit beasts of the wasteland and settlers to fight to the death? well you came to to the right place this quick guide will show you how to build sturdy cages for your Death matches. How to Build Arena in Fallout 4



Before go crazy in Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop building cages and let your raiders, settlers or beasts run loose, you need to build an arena. You’ll need three things to build an area: floor foundation, fences and powered doors. The foundation will help to even out the floor for your “stage.” Once you have a layout you want, place the cages or platforms across from each other. You want a flat area for your beasts and humans to fight.

Next, you’ll want to place a fence around the perimeter of your area or risk your settler/beast leaving the arena. Fallout 4’s AI is a bit wonky at times and your settlers will randomly walk out of an area if you don’t secure the fighting area with a fence. This leads us to last important piece to building an arena: invest in the new powered doors for settler fights. Once you assign a settler to a platform, they won’t stop shooting at each other. Powered doors help you control the battles.

YouTube user MrMattyPlays’ video on building an arena is a great example of the basics we listed above. Watch his video below for a visual representation of a basic arena inFallout 4: Wasteland Workshop .


Surviving in the Wasteland just got a bit tougher. There are multiple combinations for your fighting pits. You’ll need platforms and cages depending on how you want to entertain your settlers. Unfortunately, we’re unsure if you’re able to place bottlecaps down to bet on the fights. There isn’t a new store or miscellaneous item to place bets, but we could’ve missed it. Let us know in the comments section below if settlers can interact with the arenas.

Settler vs. Settler

  • You’ll need to set the Red and Blue platforms across from each other. Without the platforms, you can’t pit your settlers against each other. You can create teams to take down beasts, so have fun with it! Place down platforms of the same color in the arena and have your own tag team matches. We also recommend placing a bell and a “quit” siren to gather your settlers around the arena.

Settler vs. Beast or Settler vs. Raider

  • You’ll need to set a platform and a cage across from each other. If you want multiple settlers to fight againsts a raider or beast, be sure to place down platforms of the same color in the arena.
  • To let your captured raider or beast out of their cage, build a switch and connect it to power source. Once you turn the switch off, your captured beast or raider will attack whatever is in the cage. We can’t stress enough the importance of fences.
  • It’s important to note you can tame beasts, but you can’t tame Raiders. If you capture a raider or a beast, your settlement is vulnerable to retaliation. Settlers also don’t like it when their own die because you didn’t tame a beast. Build a Beta Wave Emitter or your settler happiness will decrease.

Raider vs. Raider

  • Place two Raider cages across from each other in an arena. Take advantage of the fences or risk the raiders escaping and killing your settlers. Flip off the power switch and let them at each other. We haven’t tested having multiple Raiders in the cage for a last-man standing match yet, but we’ll update this guide once we know if it’s a possibility.

It is very handy and safe to build a sturdy arena such as this one because you wouldn’t like an accident where by creatures escape and destroy your entire settlement am I right? How to Build Arena in Fallout 4