How to Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How to Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and with a couple of months since its realize the game is still going strong and a number of updates have been released to keep the game fresh and fix minor bugs. How to Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go


There are already tons of cheats and tricks used in the game “Pokemon GO” and majority of the tricks used are using third party app and GPS spoofing which are making the game developer Niantic to be upset. And now, there is a simpler and safer way in finding rare Pokemon just by using Google Maps.

A Reddit user had able to set up an interactive Google Maps which can be helpful in finding those rare Pokemon according to an article by M2. This project is made to help those “Pokemon GO” gamers locate those rare Pokemon are spawn.

This trick is said to be used in Auckland, New Zealand as of the moment but it is starting to get attention from other countries. This trick is made basically by “Pokemon GO” players for other “Pokemon GO” players.

According to iTech Post, the said game “Pokemon GO” and the Google Maps integration are updated by those gamers with fresher Pokemon locations so that gamers can easily locate Pokemon.

It seems the Pokemon Go Creators Niantic are getting very upset with the numerous websites that show pokemon location and are giving game sources for players to cheat. How to Catch Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go