How to find the Korok Mask.

How to find the Korok Mask.


there is a new piece of armer in the games Zelda Breath Of The Wild’s Master Trials DCL , its called the korok mask, when you wear the mask it acts like your sheiklah slate does for shrines, but instead its for koroks, which is amazing considering the fact that there is around 900 of them and the mask makes them so much easier to find.

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How to find the Korok Mask in the Lost Woods

To quickest to get to the Lost Woods is from Woodland Tower. Of course, once you get to the top of Woodland Tower, you realize that there is a giant stone skull obscuring the top of the tower, making it impossible to glide into the woods from there.

To get there, go on the beaten path toward the woods until you reach this cliff, and then head to the Lost Woods in the distance.

Light a torch, then head west and then north from here

Enter the Lost Woods as you normally would, and follow the flames until you see two flames on pillars next to each other. Pick up the torch sitting next to one of the pillars, and light it.


Stand still and watch how the wind blows the flame on your torch. That will tell you which direction to go. If you want to make it even easier, just watch the video above. Either way, you need to head west and then north.

The Korok Mask treasure chest in the Lost Woods

As with all of the DLC items we’ve seen thus far, the Korok Mask is in a treasure chest marked with an “EX.” This one just happens to be hiding inside of a grotesque tree.

Also, if this is your first time here, be sure to check out our guide to navigating Breath of the Wild’s Lost Woods.


How to use the Korok Mask

Equip it, and just as the description says, it’ll begin to shake when you’re near a korok. The pinwheel will also rotate, and the mask will give off (harmless, but pretty) sparks. You can see what it looks like in the video above.