How to Obtain Mega Mewtwo X & Y in Pokemon Sun &...

How to Obtain Mega Mewtwo X & Y in Pokemon Sun & Moon


By the looks of it Nintendo are giving Pokemon Sun & Moon players the chance to obtain Mega Mewtwo X & Y by giving out these items. How to Obtain Mega Mewtwo X & Y in Pokemon Sun & Moon


How to Get Mega Mewtwo X and Y

Nintendo is doing a limited time mystery gift promotion in which players can get the Mega Stones, which are needed to make the evolution happen. These special items were not available in “Pokémon Sun” and “Moon” during launch.

To do so, players should go to the Mystery Gift tab in “Pokémon Sun” and “Moon” then select Receive Gift. From there, select Get with Code/Password.

Then click Yes and another Yes to connect to the Internet. Players will then have to input the code M2DESCENT then just sit back and wait for the Mega Stones to drop.

Speak to the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center to be able to pick up the Mega Stones and then make sure to save the game in order to successfully keep the items.

It is unclear as to when this special mystery gift promotion will conclude but it is best for “Pokémon Sun” and “Moon” players to get the Mega Stones immediately before they miss out.

As gamers know, Mewtwo is currently unavailable in “Pokémon Sun” and “Moon” so fans would not find the in-demand pocket monster in the Alola area.

The Mega Stones, however, can be used on the Mewtwos that players have transferred from older games via the Pokémon Bank.

This will be the best way for “Pokémon Sun and Moon” players to get Mega Mewtwo X and Y so gamers are advised to jump the gun before the promotion ends.

With regard to the Mawilite and Beedrillite, the codes for unlocking the items will be given to select players starting March 7 while a shared code for both the stones will be up for grabs by next month.