New Anti-Griefer System Coming From Overwatch.

New Anti-Griefer System Coming From Overwatch.


A new Anti-Griefer systum is coming our way according to us by Blizzard support representative, apperantly it will have similar punishments as the existing leaver system.

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AverageAristocrat received the news during a conversation with Blizzard support representative Volkexas. The player had a bad game experience in, being queued with a skill rated player who was throwing to demote to Gold to play with his lower-ranked friends.

“We should have some news coming hopefully soon regarding the whole griefing system,” Volkexas stated to AverageAristocrat. “It’s something our developers are aware of and have been working hard to improve as well to make it more more effective and responsive. I’m not sure on the date for the improved system, but it should be within the coming weeks at most.”

At the moment, Overwatch does not have a standardized system to take quick action on toxic players or throwers. Each occurrence is handled on a case-by-case basis, and could take some time before any punishment is handed out by Blizzard.

When implemented, the new anti-griefing system should work similarly to the leaver policies Blizzard already has in place. “You get a few warnings and suspensions, but these double each time until they eventually lead into a full season suspension.” These increasing punishments should stop griefers from continued toxic behavior through negative reinforcement.

Overwatch Competitive Ban

Furthermore, Blizzard stated previously that they’re also working on a new policy that might even ban leavers from Competitive permanently. “We’re in the process of implementing a new policy which would take into account how many Competitive Seasons you have been banned from,” Kaplan stated a month ago. “And at a certain point, prevent you from playing Competitive ever again.”

Toxic or griefing players are difficult to track autonomously, so be sure to take action when you see any poor behavior happening. Reporting players is the best way for Blizzard to track suspected griefers and take action, and will help create a better game experience for everyone.

There’s no specific date for the anti-griefer system, but it should make its way into Overwatch in the next few weeks.