New Mods In Final Fantasy 15 Could Affect Future Mods Support On...

New Mods In Final Fantasy 15 Could Affect Future Mods Support On PC.


The PC debut of Final Fantasy 15 is happening next year as well as 4K resolution, which will support player-created mods.

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While publisher Square Enix has said it won’t censor mods–including nude ones–that are created for the game, those could potentially affect whether future Final Fantasy games will allow players to tinker around with them.

During an interview with PC Gamer at PAX West this past weekend, game director Hajime Tabata reiterated his stance on mod support. “Personally, we want to give users the freedom to do what they feel is best in terms of how they enjoy the game, so we don’t want to put too many limitations on the types of mods that going to be available,” Tabata said through a translator. However, questionable mods could impact whether Square Enix allows them for other Final Fantasy titles.

“If things are taken a little too far, it might affect and influence the possibility of mods for future Final Fantasy games,” Tabata said. “So if there’s anything we could say, it’s to try to be as controlled as possible.”

Square Enix hasn’t announced a release date yet for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV, but the game is slated to arrive for the platform in “early 2018.” PS4 and Xbox One players, meanwhile, can now take part in the RPG’s Assassin’s Creed-themed crossover event, which runs until January 31. The game’s infamous Cup Noodle DLC hat is also available for free for all players.