New Pokemon Go: Update GPS, Eggs and More

New Pokemon Go: Update GPS, Eggs and More


So its about time Niantic roll around with the newest addition to Pokemon Go. It seems Niantic have expanded the Actions of the Player, Check out the details below. New Pokemon Go: Update GPS, Eggs and More


New Pokemon Go Patch

Official release notes at the Pokemon Go website explained the major changes brought in by the new patch. It is version 0.53.1 for Android, while it is 1.23.1 for iOS. First, the Apple Watch can display Eggs that appeared at the PokeStops. Next, it improved distance tracking, letting trainers access the global positioning system (GPS) better.

Distance tracking is a term used by Niantic outlining how the character moves from every location, based on the GPS service. This small shifts can drastically affect how Niantic’s new game works, since egg hatching and other features are now traceable via the GPS. The game knows when the player moves around or not compared to the former version. Here’s an overview of the official patch notes:

  • Updated Apple Watch to display Eggs obtained from PokéStops
  • Changed distance tracking to better account for GPS drift
  • Minor text fixes.

The update didn’t mention what it meant by minor text fixes. However, in the past, players created memes surrounding the patch. Clearly, some are not happy that Niantic is working on minor issues instead of fixing the big ones.

Game Makes $2,412.19 Per Minute

Who has thought that the game is already losing its touch? Apparently Niantic’s new game is still popular. recently announced that the game earns $2,412 every minute. In total, Niantic Labs is earning a whopping average of $144,700.

Furthermore, the game generated $36 billion in revenue last year, breaking records as the fastest-growing mobile game of all time. All this despite the game’s release halfway in 2016. All proceeds are mined from in-app purchases made by its legions of devoted Pokemon fans.

The viral effect of the game was felt immensely during its initial release. Looking back, it was quite common to find the players flocking at a certain area trying to catch a rare Pokemon. Good revenues mean that there will be more events happening in the next few months. This results to happy and satisfied Pokemon trainers.

If you still haven’t Given Pokemon Go a chance you should, it is free to download on IOS and Android. With Niantic Bringing constant updates every month its hard to stop playing. New Pokemon Go: Update GPS, Eggs and More