OverWatch: Winter Tournament is Coming

OverWatch: Winter Tournament is Coming


Overwatch has been one of the best FPS shooter of 2016, with the vast amount of players and Competition its no surprise the game is this popular. Overwatch League was announced at the last BlizzCon and the Next one will be Overwatch Winter Tournament. OverWatch: Winter Tournament is Coming

source: gamespresso.com

The tournament will take place over multiple months and will be open to all teams in North America. Open qualifiers begin on December 10th and will last until December 13th. When only the top eight teams remain, they will fight for first place in a three week double round robin format, the finals of which will take place over two days in January 2017.

While this is a third party event, NGE will “work with Blizzard Entertainment to fully produce, direct, and broadcast the Overwatch Winter Premiere.” The tournament will be streamed from NGE studios in Burbank, CA.

In a press release, Andy Vander Woude, CEO and co-founder of NGE, says “NGE’s philosophy is to find the most ambitious esports partners and work with them to elevate their shows. That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Blizzard to create an esports experience perfectly matched to Overwatch fans.”

If you love Overwatch and you have something to prove why not sign up and win a 100,000 cash prize?OverWatch: Winter Tournament is Coming