Pokemon Go Appraisal Feature is Stupid

Pokemon Go Appraisal Feature is Stupid


Pokemon Go Latest Update have shown that Niantic is not listening to the fan base, We still have a bad nearby system which hardly works. Niantic decided to Release the Appraisal feature which  just confuses players.

Pokemon Go Appraisal Feature is Stupid 

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The new feature is called “appraisals,” where you essentially show off your Pokémon to your team leader, and they’ll give you a brief report on what they make of it. What this does is effectively serve as an in-game Individual Value (IV) calculator for gauging the relative strength of Pokémon outside of Combat Power (CP), but if you don’t know what any of that means, it’s hard to blame you.

It’s Confusing

I feel like the vast majority of players are going to have no idea what to make of this new feature. All the team leaders say relatively positive things about your Pokémon, with the most negative being perhaps saying something has “room for improvement” or is “not great in battle” if it’s at the absolute bottom tier. Most players aren’t really going to understand what this means, and why they might be told their highest CP Pokémon isn’t good at fighting when it’s been doing great for them so far. Add in bonus comments about stats and their size, and it’s hard to know what on earth the appraisal is actually saying.

iv chart

This explains that these new phrases are tied into the IV of your Pokémon. Outside of CP, Pokémon are “born” with native stats that can either be great or terrible. You can use this new appraisal system to figure out roughly where your Pokémon falls, but you need this chart to do it, and you need to have some inherent knowledge that the IV system even exists in the first place. I feel like most people will notunderstand this, and this new addition only really helps people who know about IVs and IV calculators in the first place. It’s a little weird to spend time to add this feature to the game when the vast majority of players won’t really understand its purpose at all.

It’s Useful

With all this said, the new appraisal feature is actually very useful if you’re the type of die-hard player who is determined to level up the best Pokémon they can. IV calculators have been around for a while and will usually be able to give you a rough approximation of what range your Pokémon is.

But with the addition of appraisals and the new phrases about IV overall and individual stat values, there’s actually a way to figure outexactly what stats your Pokémon has, when before sometimes you could only get an estimate. That itself is a lengthy process detailed here, which shows you how to break down each analysis into exact numbers. This will let you know exactly how strong your Pokémon is, and which base Pokémon you should invest in, as they’ll have the most “potential,” even if their CP isn’t the highest.

Of course, I would argue that simply showing exact numbers would make this all more streamlined, but Niantic seems to want to makePokémon GO’s mechanics simultaneously “accessible” (by having the info relayed in a casual conversation) but also confounding (by not relaying what the conversation actually means, and having charts and fan breakdowns explain it), so I’m at a bit of a loss as to why they rolled out this system the way it is.

Photo: Niantic

It’s Relatively Pointless

While appraisals are good for calculating IV if you want to put the work in, the fundamental problem remains that battling is so damn simplistic in Pokémon GO, that IV and stats barely matter at all. This is not true in the handheld games, whereas even if Pokémon is a relatively simple RPG, there’s still a decent amount of complexity to it, and these stats matter a lot for higher-end play and the competitive scene.

Unfortunately, this is a game where battling consists of button mashing and spamming moves against a static AI, and at best, if PvP battling is ever introduced, it will be two people doing that against each other. Add in the presence of hackers with ultra-CP Pokémon, and IV and exact stat allocation is useful for almost nothing but the bragging rights of getting something that’s 90-100% “perfect.”

Take my own collection, for instance. Through the appraisal system, I found out that I had a 92% perfect Slowbro, which wasn’t a huge surprise given that he’s one of my powerhouses. I also have a 100% perfect Starmie, though he’s stuck at relatively low CP because of the tier system. But then, I learned that my highest CP Pokemon, a 2,300+ Dragonite is “not very useful in battle” according to my snarky team leader. This is a Pokémon who has probably taken over 50 gyms single-handedly, because the only thing that matters in the current battle system is type, with minor emphasis on CP. With enough brute force and basic logic, you can take over literally any gym, as defense is nearly impossible. IV and stats will give you slight edges that you will almost certainly never notice. My “terrible” Dragonite is still destroying almost everything it comes across, as is my perfect Starmie and mediocre Flareon, etc. It’s just hard to think any of this actually matters all that much. If this was a more complicated game, I’d understand, but with its completely rudimentary battling system, it’s hard for me to get too excited about a cryptic in-game IV calculator.

I don’t know, I guess it’s not hurting the game (unless you’re considering the confusion it will bring to players who don’t understand anything about the IV or stat system), so I’m not going to say it shouldn’t exist. It just seems like a bit of a strange feature to implement. IVs are a relatively niche obsession among the community, but the system that has been added does almost nothing to further explain the concept to the more general fanbase. But I guess that’s what I’m trying to do here.

This article is very detailed and Bias with the facts shown here. I like to think on his good points and the Lack of interest this update had. Pokemon Go Appraisal Feature is Stupid