Pokemon Go Best Defending Pokemon Gym

Pokemon Go Best Defending Pokemon Gym


Even though some people are still out there trying to catch rare pokemon before they dig into the competitive side some people are already doing so. This list will show you the Top best pokemon for defending a gym. Pokemon Go Best Defending Pokemon Gym

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If you’ve ever wondered why most gyms seem to be defended by a Snorlax, a Dragonite or a Lapras, it’s because those three Pokemon have the fewest weaknesses that can be exploited. Charizard and Gyarados might be strong in the Game Boy games and the cartoon, but in Pokemon Go, they aren’t better defenders than certain other popular Fire-type and Water-type Pokemon.

It’s worth noting that this list isn’t as simple as “strong-stronger-strongest.” Although the strength of an individual Pokemon does play a strong role in its tier placement, GamePress has also taken into account the potential counters that a given player will have when he or she attempts to steal a gym from you.

Pokemon Go Gym Defenders

Make sure you pay attention to this list as Leaving a well Defended Gym can make you earn a bit extra on the side. Stay Tune for the Best Attacking Pokemon Gym. Pokemon Go Best Defending Pokemon Gym