Pokemon Go: Buddy System Everything to Know About it

Pokemon Go: Buddy System Everything to Know About it


The New Pokemon Go Update Which allows you to Get candy from whoever you chose as a companion. You will not be able to see the pokemon Avatar walking because he just show up at the button of the screen and on your trainer card. Pokemon Go: Buddy System Everything to Know About it

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Choosing your buddy

You can choose any Pokemon you like to be your buddy, but choose carefully. Make sure you pick a Pokemon you actually need candy for, not just because it would be cute to walk with that one.

For example, if your Pokemon is topped out in the power-up department and can’t be evolved, you really don’t need candy for it. Making it a buddy wouldn’t make sense. On the other hand, if you have a Pokemon that just needs a few more candies to evolve, it would be a good choice for a buddy.

Once you’ve decided which Pokemon will be your buddy, follow these directions:

  1. Tap on the photo of your trainer avatar in the lower left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Tap on the Menu button.
  3. Tap on the Buddy option found between Journal and Customize.
  4. Tap on the Pokemon you choose as your buddy.

Will it sit on your shoulder?

One of the most important questions that comes with this update is, Will Pikachu sit on your shoulder? Most Pokemon, even extra-small Pikachus — and other Pokemon — simply stand beside your avatar. There are a few exceptions. Eevees, Pidgeys and Weebles will sit on your avatar’s shoulders, for example.

Some people report an Easter egg that will allow Pikachu to sit on your shoulder. This Easter egg is reportedly activated by walking 10km with a buddy or getting 10 candies. I haven’t confirmed this one, yet.


How to get your candy

Just like when hatching eggs, you need to keep the game’s screen open and in the foreground while you walk to get candy.

Different Pokemon have different distances they need to walk to find candy. For example, you need to walk a Pidgey only 1 kilometer, an Ivysaur 3 km and a Lapras 5 km. No matter the distance, it seems you only get one candy after walking that specific distance. Here’s a reference guide on how far to walk every single Pokemon to get a candy.

By tapping on the Buddy option again, you can check on your candy-finding progress. At the top of the screen you can see how far you’ve walked your buddy, total. This number has nothing to do with candy, it’s just a summary of how far you’ve walked this particular buddy.

Underneath the Pokemon’s avatar you can see the kilometers walked compared with how far you still need to go to get candy. There’s also a gauge around the buddy’s avatar next to your trainer’s avatar on the map screen that shows your progress.

Once you walk the right amount, a notification will pop up on your screen to let you know your buddy found candy.

A couple of other Tips, if you are going to evolve your walking buddy make sure you don’t have any Progress done as it will not count once it evolves into another Pokemon. Switching your Buddy while walking will also Reset the Walking Measurement. Pokemon Go: Buddy System Everything to Know About it