Pokemon Go Hibernation will Wake with “Gen 2”

Pokemon Go Hibernation will Wake with “Gen 2”


Pokemon Go was by far one of the most Hot topics of Summer 2016 when the Game peaked App Store Sales in the first few weeks. Well Pokemon Go is still out there you can see the Fan-base has fallen significantly but there is still a huge Popularity. Pokemon Go Hibernation will Wake with “Gen 2”

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‘Pokémon GO’ Doesn’t Just Need Gen 2

I find myself comparing Pokémon GO to Destiny a lot, though those games might seem more different than they are similar. For those that don’t know, Destiny is a shared world shooter, where people go on missions with their friends, shoot at aliens and collect loot to improve their characters. Not exactly a monster-collecting ARG. But Destiny is similar in that it was a bold, odd idea aimed at a larger audience than games like it usually seek, and also that it launched with some bizarre features, a general paucity of content and, crucially, an irritated fanbase.

Destiny, like Pokémon GO, set out to improve its game. First came The Dark Below, a pretty strange update that must have been at least mostly done when the original game launched. This didn’t win any new fans. But then, the rehabilitation began to come. First we got a warm-up expansion, House of Wolves, which featured improvements to storytelling and a slew of quality of life improvements that served to staunch the player bleed and maybe attract some newcomers. The big moment came with the next expansion, The Taken King. That one added a large drop of new content and overhauled a good portion of the games systems for the better, papering over the obstructionist design of the original game while keeping the essential fun intact. People paid attention and the game got a second wind that seems ready to propel it forward to a numbered sequel.


The biggest takeaway is that developer Bungie was unafraid to make pretty large changes to some of the core systems in Destiny because it recognized they needed changing. And the developers didn’t do it piecemeal, in the way that the Silicon Valley that birthed Pokémon GO prefers. They did with a big, dramatic “Year 2,” and that’s why it succeeded. It sent a very clear message to anyone who had left the game in its early days: this thing is very different now, and maybe you should try it again. When they came back, they found many of their initial problems smoothed over. This is what Pokémon GO needs.

Here’s a short list of what Pokémon GO needs to be a real game: a new battle system, a single-player progression and PvP battles. Monster customization would be nice, and aesthetic items for monetization never hurts. Some sort of guild system would dovetail with PvP battles. I’ll stop there: we won’t get all of these, but a few could go a long way. Niantic needs to make the sort of big, broad changes coupled with new content that will bring back its massive playerbase and show them a better game once they get there. Without that, all the same problems still exist.

Pokemon Go still has an unraveling potential to be one of the most played games in the next few seasons. With fast popularity when it was release in the Summer it might pick up again in Spring. Pokemon Go Hibernation will Wake with “Gen 2”