Pokemon Go is Not Dead December Gen 2?

Pokemon Go is Not Dead December Gen 2?


Pokemon Go made its initial success when it was release early on this year, With many major updates taking place every 2 weeks or so we cant wait to see what Niantic have in store this December. Pokemon Go might get a little taste of Gen 2 Pokemon. Pokemon Go is Not Dead December Gen 2? 

source: forbes.com

This could be just that, rumblings, and so far as I can tell there isn’t much solid evidence other than the fact that some measure of data has been added for Gen 2 Pokémon behind the scenes, but the same is true for missing Pokémon like the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo, and has been for months. And with Pokémon GO rolling out pretty major updates every few weeks, a December update could be anything, really.

However, let’s say that December is the Gen 2 update. I have personally argued against this because it’s uh, December, and therefore rather chilly and/or freezing in many parts of the world where Pokémon GO, an outdoors-based game, is played. Yes, I know the game launched when it was technically winter in Oceana and other regions, but 88 percent of the world’s population lives in the Northern Hemisphere, and at this point in the global release, that’s probably at least 88 percent of Pokémon GO’s playerbase. Obviously it’s not freezing everywhere, but the fact remains, for many people the idea of catching Pokémon outside in ice-cold or even chilly conditions is uncomfortable to say the least.


Of course, this is one of the primary reasons why Niantic might be planning something like this for that time. The concept of a “seasonal video game” is a relatively new one, as nearly all games, even phone games, don’t rely on being outdoors to play. As such, Niantic is not exactly looking forward to a gigantic drop off in players both as the weather gets cold and players fill out the last few slots of their Pokedex after six months of play. Enter Gen 2.

But what I don’t think is being considered is that this might actually be sort of an evil genius move on their part from a moneymaking perspective. Why? Because it would absolutely increase the purchase of items from the store, given the weather conditions.