Pokemon Go Latest News Trade and Gen 2!

Pokemon Go Latest News Trade and Gen 2!


The Next Update for Pokemon Go is going to be a huge one with multiple features being added including trade, Niantic said they will be updating the game every 2 weeks or so. Pokemon Go Latest News Trade and Gen 2!

source: gamesguide.com

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Pokemon Trade Feature

The soon to be released “Pokemon GO” update will introduce the Pokemon Trade feature. Niantic has announced during the San Diego Comic Conference 2016 that players will be allowed to trade their Pokemons very soon. No other details have been shared during the announcement. This, however, proves that Niantic is doing its best to make the game more exciting.

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: New Tracking System

Another feature to be introduced in the future “Pokemon GO” update is the new tracking system. Photos of the supposed new tracking system has surfaced on social media, which looks very clean and more accurate

‘Pokemon GO’ Update: Generation 2 Pokemons

The upcoming “Pokemon GO” update is said to release the Generation 2 Pokemons that will include creatures that are exclusively locked to certain regions, The Bitbag reports. Delibird, Smeargle, Heracross and Miltalk are going to be added in the game thru the next update.

These Pokemons are only exclusively available in some regions of the world. Delibird and Mime, for example, can only be spotted in Europe, while Heracross and Farfetch’d are only available in Asia and Japan. Smeargle will only be caught in South America, Kangaskhan in Australia, Miltalk and Tauros are going to be seen in the U.S.’Pokemon GO’ Update: Legendary Pokemons.

Hopefully this Update will be arriving soon,  there has been leaks of Pokemon Testers whereby nearby pokemon are shown by the Pokestop. Pokemon Go Latest News Trade and Gen 2!