Pokemon Go Latest Update: New Tracker System

Pokemon Go Latest Update: New Tracker System


Pokemon Go Developers Niantic have lunched a new Update which changing the Tracker System Completely. Many people have been bombarding Niantic with Questions towards the New Tracker. Many People are still confused on how to find pokemon. Pokemon Go Latest Update: New Tracker System 

source: ibtimes.com

But is the new tracker an improvement over the older one or is it a downgrade? To make proper use of the new Pokémon tracker — the Nearby feature — players need to approach it differently from previous trackers.

Pokémon Go players are in luck with the new tracker only if they are playing in an urban area such as New York City, where Pokéstops can occur thrice on the same block. Availability of this kind of information makes the tracker specific about the location of a Pokémon.

The layout of the tracker is different than previous trackers. It is located on the bottom right of the game screen and lists nine Pokémon near your location, with a picture of the Pokéstop closest to them.

Here’s how to read the tracker — If you click on a Pokéstop representing the Pokémon you want, the game will point out where it is on the map. Next to the Pokéstop, you will see a little bubble with some footprints. The number of footprints determines how close the Pokémon is to the Pokéstop.

To catch the Pokémon — go to the Pokéstop and walk around. The Pokémon you are tracking should appear. You will need to hurl Pokéballs at it to capture it.

Many People have said to have trouble finding rare pokemon, this is because they may be spawning or de-spawning while you are still looking for them. Tip: look for pokemon in a crowded Pokestop Area. Pokemon Go Latest Update: New Tracker System