Pokemon Go Next Update Buddy System

Pokemon Go Next Update Buddy System


Niantic are getting ready to release the next big Update for Pokemon Go The Buddy System, With this you will be able to have any pokemon Companion from your party and they will give you candy. Pokemon Go Next Update Buddy System

source: bgr.com

Buddy Pokemon Tier List, ranking all 142 Pokemon currently in the game based on their efficiency as Buddies. The formulas that the team used take into account the value of walking a given Pokemon, the potential CP outcome, a Pokemon’s spawn rate and the time it takes to evolve a Pokemon just by walking.

Credit: Pokemon Go Hub

According to the data, Charmeleon, Grimer, Dragonair, Kadabra and Wartortle are the five most efficient buddies in the game. Charizard, Dragonite and Blastoise are three of the strongest Pokemon in the game, and it only costs 50 candy to evolve Grimer into Muk, which is surprising for such a relatively rare Pokemon.

You Might already have an Idea of which are the Worst Pokemon to travel with you such as Weedle, Rattata, Pidgey but the worst buddy Pokemon is Drowzee.  Pokemon Go Next Update Buddy System