Pokemon Go Plus a Complete Guide

Pokemon Go Plus a Complete Guide


With Niantic’s brand new Device for Pokemon Go people will be going mental over this stuff. With Pokemon Go Plus people will be buying soon  they will have no clue how to use it. here is a complete guide to Pokemon GO Plus. Pokemon Go Plus a Complete Guide 

source: gamespot.com

What You Need to Know

Pokemon Go Plus is a small wearable device that allows you to capture Pokemon and interact with PokeStops without having to look down at your phone. It can also the track distance you travel for your Pokemon Eggs and Buddies. The device is handy if you’re looking to make progress in Pokemon Go during moments that you can’t look down at your phone. However, the device is in no way mandatory to access any new features within the game.

How to Sync Pokemon Go Plus

  1. To sync Pokemon Go Plus with your phone, enable bluetooth and launch Pokemon Go.
  2. Go to the main menu by tapping the Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen.
  3. At the top right, touch the Settings icon and then choose the Pokemon Go Plus option.
  4. Press the function button on the Plus to make it discoverable by your phone’s blutooth.

Choose Pokemon Go Plus under the Available Devices list and the Plus should vibrate when connected.

General Use

Interacting with PokeStops

When within the range of a PokeStop, the Plus will flash blue and vibrate. To search and obtain the PokeStop’s items, simply press the Plus’s function button. If successful, it’ll flash multiple colors.

Catching Pokemon

If a Pokemon is nearby, the Plus will vibrate and either flash green or yellow. To throw a Poke Ball at a nearby Pokemon, press the Plus’s function button. This causes the device to pulse and vibrate. If the Pokemon runs away, the Plus will flash red 3 times; but if the capture is successfully, the device will flash multiple colors.

It’s important to note that the Plus only throws normal Poke Balls at Pokemon. Currently, there’s no way to set the device to throw Great Balls, Ultra Balls, or Master Balls. It’s also not possible to throw Razz Berries just by using the Plus alone; you need to access your phone to do so.

Quick Tips and What to Keep in Mind

  • The app must be running to use Pokemon Go Plus.
  • Every once in a while, Pokemon Go Plus may disconnect from your phone. To reconnect it, touch the Pokemon Go Plus icon. The device will vibrate when reconnected. If the problem persists, reconnect it through the Settings menu.
  • Check your journal often when using the Plus see what Pokemon you’ve captured or what items you’ve gained from PokeStops.

Quick Reference: What Each Flashing Color Means

As you use Pokemon Go Plus, it’ll flash a variety of different colors to indicate when something is happening. Below is a quick reference guide covering what each color means, along with what it means when it’s vibrating or not.


  • Blue: You’re currently passing by a PokeStop or one that’s currently in-range.
  • Green: You’ve encountered a Pokemon that you’ve caught before.
  • Yellow: You’ve encountered a Pokemon that you’ve never caught before.
  • White While Catching: Pokemon is in Poke Ball; it will either remain inside or break out.
  • Red (Pulse 3 Times): The Pokemon has run away.
  • Red (Solid): You have moved out of range of Pokemon or PokeStop, your item/Pokemon storage is full, or you’re out of Poke Balls.
  • Multi-Colored Flashing: You’ve successfully caught a Pokemon or successfully acquired items from a PokeStop.
  • No Light: Plus is paired and connected to a phone.

No Vibration

  • Blue: Plus is paired with a device but not connected.

  • White: Plus is not paired with a device.

It is also Important to Note that Pokemon Go Plus came out with a couple features the original; App game didn’t not have. this might End up Pleasing the Fans a bit More. Pokemon Go Plus a Complete Guide