Pokemon Go PLUS Reveals New Features!

Pokemon Go PLUS Reveals New Features!


In the Gaming Industry there is always different opinion on the final version of the game that is common. we see this every year and this year was no exception with ‘No Mans Sky’ as it was not what they hope to deliver, while pokemon Go Plus is given player more than they asked for. Pokemon Go PLUS Reveals New Features! 

source: forbes.com 

Pokémon GO Plus is flat-out doing things that Nintendospecifically said it wouldn’t do. Now, only after it’s on sale (and mostly sold out) is that being made clear. Here’s what I’m talking about:

One of the primary questions about Pokémon GO Plus has been whether or not the peripheral would track distance for egg hatching, and now the buddy system, which requires you to go on walks to train Pokémon. Fans have been puzzling about this for ages because it was never listed as a feature, and it frankly seemed unlikely this flimsy $35 device would have GPS tracking capabilities, given that GO doesn’t use a more simplistic pedometer to measure distance.


On every description of the peripheral before launch, and even to thisday, the ability to track egg/buddy distance has not been listed as a feature. This is something the fans have been clamoring for since the game launched, given that tracking distance requiring your phone to be open and unlocked with the game running is one of the most tiresome parts of playing GO. And since nowhere was it ever indicated that Pokémon GO Plus would grant this hugely requested feature, fans were stunned when early leaked units were revealed to actually track distance after all.

This was not some little mix-up. This is a key part of the product, as the Plus uses your phone’s capabilities to leave GPS running in the background, much like you see with navigation apps that are actively guiding you during trips. There should have been no mistaking this functionality, and it’s extremely unclear why Nintendo did not, and is still not, listing it as a feature. I had to email three PR reps ahead of launch to get something even close to a confirmation that Plus tracked distance on a locked phone, and again, it’s still not in any official product description I can see. Only today has Niantic tweeted about the functionality.

 If you are planning on becoming a Pokemon Master I recommend you buy Pokemon Go Plus as it has many new Features not shown on the App game for IOS and Android. Pokemon Go PLUS Reveals New Features!