Pokemon GO Tips how to Catch more Rare Pokemon

Pokemon GO Tips how to Catch more Rare Pokemon


Pokemon Go requires you to walk in order to find pokemon, hatch eggs and Receive candy from your buddy. How exactly do you get more Rare pokemon such as Snorlax, lapras etc. Well you can try searching for them where they hang out. Pokemon GO Tips how to Catch more Rare Pokemon 

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Evolving a Rare Pokemon

Sometimes it’s far easier to evolve a lower Pokemon to its higher form than searching for them in the wild. For example, Pokemon Go players can obtain a Gyarados by collecting many Magikarp to grind into candies. These Magikarp candies can then be used to evolve a Gyarados. Grinding those Magikarp candies could take a while but as long as there several spawn points present for these particular Pokemon, you are good.

Hatching a Rare Pokemon

A Pokemon like the Snorlax are difficult to obtain in the wild. Fortunately, there is another way to get a Snorlax and other rare Pokemon. Players can obtain by hatching them in Eggs. This particular Pokemon though will need a 10 KM Egg.

Pokemon Go players will also need an Egg incubator to hatch the Eggs. By the way, Eggs can be taken free of charge from PokeStops so make sure to visit them regularly. To hatch the Eggs, players will need to walk them.

An extra Tip when taking over Gyms and collecting coins I recommend you spend your hard earn coins on Egg Incubators as this investment will give you more Pokemon while Walking. Pokemon GO Tips how to Catch more Rare Pokemon