Pokemon Sun & Moon Exclusive Pokemon List

Pokemon Sun & Moon Exclusive Pokemon List


Pokemon Sun & Moon are only a week away from  release and with that The Pokemon Company are distributing Copies of the Game all over the World. We have recently found on the Internet the list of the exclusive pokemon for each game, which is a long tradition for Pokemon. Pokemon Sun & Moon Exclusive Pokemon List 

source: bgr.com

According to the leaker on Reddit, the Pokemon Sun exclusive Pokemon are Passimian, Tortunator, Lycanroc’s Midday Form, Alolan Vulpix (and Ninetails, its evolved form), the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and UB-02 Absorption.

Pokemon Moon players, on the other hand, will be able to catch Oranguru, Drampa, Lycanroc’s Midnight Form, Alolan Sandshrew (and its evolved form, Sandslash), the Legendary Pokemon Lunala and UB-02 Beauty.

The last creature on each list, the ones with the weird names prefaced by UB-02, are what’s known as Ultra Beasts. It’s still unclear what purpose they serve in Pokemon Sun and Moon (or the greater Pokemon universe, for that matter), but we now know each game will have an exclusive Ultra Beast.

These version-exclusive Pokemon mark the most significant difference between Sun and Moon, so if you prefer one list over the other, that’s the version you should buy. On the other hand, you can always trade with someone who has the other version of the game, so don’t get too caught up in the decision-making process.

Pokemon Sun & Moon will be out next week on Friday the 18th, By looking at this list its clear which Game you should buy. It all depends on the Player and which Pokemon he/she likes. Don’t get too cough up on the Exclusiveness of each pokemon as you will be able to trade. Pokemon Sun & Moon Exclusive Pokemon List