Pokemon Sun & Moon New Pokemon and Z moves

Pokemon Sun & Moon New Pokemon and Z moves


As many of you Know The pokemon Company are going Big for Sun and Moon. Check out these new Incredible pokemon, as you may have guessed they will be tied with the Sun and Moon Cycle of the Game. Pokemon Sun & Moon New Pokemon and Z moves 

source: forbes.com

The first of these new Pokémon is the fighting type Passimian, which is unique to the Sun version of the game. However, you can also acquire Passimian in Moon, if you trade it with a friend. It seems that Passimian is based on a ruffled lemur or sifaka.

Following that is Oranguru a normal psychic Pokémon that is from theMoon version of the game. Again, you can trade with your friends if you have the Sun release. Oranguru is also clearly based on an orangutan.


We then get to the evolutions for Rockruff. The interesting thing here is that Rockruff evolves into two different versions depending on what time of day the evolution occurs. While both evolved versions of Rockruff are called Lycanroc, their Midday and Midnight forms differ.

Along with the new Pokémon, it seems that Sun and Moon will also have a Pokémon grooming setup called Pokémon Refresh, which allows you to clean your Pokémon and generally make them happier.

Are you Guys excited about the new pokemon coming to Pokemon Sun and Moon? let us know what you think below. Pokemon Sun & Moon New Pokemon and Z moves