Pokemon Sun & Moon Rare Pokemon from other Games

Pokemon Sun & Moon Rare Pokemon from other Games


There are over 300 New Pokemon in the Alola Region but what if you want to catch Rare pokemon from past Gens? well there is a new way with the QR scanner. check out details below. Pokemon Sun & Moon Rare Pokemon from other Games

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Rare Pokemon from other Games

A few hours into Sun and Moon, you’ll gain access to a QR Scanner in your Rotom Dex. With the QR Scanner, you can scan QR codes of any Pokemon in the game to add them to your Pokedex. Not only will you be able to see where that Pokemon spawns in Alola, but you’ll also get 10 points, which build toward the Island Scan.

Once you’ve collected 100 points by scanning 10 QR codes, you’ll be able to activate the Island Scan. When activated, the Island Scan will scan whichever island you’re on (Melemele, Akala, Ula’ula or Poni) and find a rare Pokemon — typically one that can’t be found under normal circumstances in Sun and Moon.

Once the Pokemon has been located, you’ll be given exactly one hour to find and catch it. Once you find it, you’ll only have one opportunity to catch it, so be sure to bring a Pokemon with the move False Swipe, especially if you’re on Melemele Island, where a lower-level Pokemon is more likely to spawn.

(I caught a level 12 Totodile on Melemele Island on my first try).

Also worth noting: You can only scan 10 QR codes a day, which means you can only activate the Island Scan once a day. Be sure that you have time to find and catch the Pokemon that spawns before you activate the Island Scan.