Pokemon Sun & Moon: Starters Evolution’s

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Starters Evolution’s


Pokemon Sun & Moon is creeping closer around the corner as we come close to November, Nintendo have released a video showing off the Evolution for all the new starters. Pokemon Sun & Moon: Starters Evolution’s 

source: polygon.com 

Also seen in the trailer is the return of mega evolutions, a powerful Pokémon upgrade first introduced in the previous generation of games. These accompany Z-moves, which are special high-powered Pokémon attacks that players must also use accessories to unleash.

Brand new to Sun and Moon is a new multiplayer feature, Festival Plaza, as well as several upgrades to the PC Pokémon storage system, which promises to make things a little more fun for the Pokémon not kept in a player’s active party. Pokémon can now train and hunt for special items while in the box, and new Pokémon may even swing by to join the fun.

Pokemon Sun & Moon will have a beta so player can get their hands on that October 18th before the official release on November 18th. The Starters Evolution’s will keep their respective Type and Look more Mature. Pokemon Sun & Moon: Starters Evolution’s