Pokemon Sun & Moon Updated Trailer

Pokemon Sun & Moon Updated Trailer


Pokemon  Sun & Moon will be hitting the stores next month and now we can see more of the game and have good positive views towards it. From What Nintendo have shown us in the new trailer will blow your mind. Pokemon  Sun & Moon Updated Trailer 

source: forbes.com

Pokemon  Sun & Moon Updated Trailer 

For those that are coming in late to the Sun and Moon party, this new trailer manages to cover most of the new elements in the game and gives some background along with it.

Set in the new tropical region of Alola (shown above), the isolated nature of the islands has also facilitated some new forms of Pokémon, new forms that have had to adapt to this unique environment and all the challenges that would entail.


Interspersed with all the game footage in the trailer is a CG movie showing off Sun and Moon’s new Legendary Pokémon, that of Solgaleoand Lunala. These represent the day and night versions of the game and are being used to promote Sun and Moon.

Considering that Sun and Moon is getting a worldwide release, it means that Japanese fans won’t have their historical headstart on the Western fanbase, something that was wisely abolished around the time of X and Y. However, Japan will receive the Sun and Moon anime in November before anywhere else, so there is still that.