Pokemon’s New Legendary Pokemon!

Pokemon’s New Legendary Pokemon!


Pokemon have released a new legendary pokemon and its is the most adorable ghost pokemon ever !! Its name is Marshadow.

source : polygon.com

What makes this Pokémon unique — other than that long waiting period — is its typing. Marshadow is the first Pokémon in the series to be both a fighting- and ghost-type, a rare combination that helps it take down psychic-type Pokémon with ease.

Also special is Marshadow’s Spectral Thief attack. The move’s official description explains that it “steals any stat boosts that the target had, and then deals an attack. It’s a powerful physical move with a never-before-seen and surprising effect.”

Although Marshadow is a strong Pokémon with a lot to be proud of, it’s super shy. This little dude is the “Gloomdweller Pokémon,” according to its bio, preferring to observe others from deep within the shadows. That explains why it took so long for Marshadow to come out of the woodwork and show itself to Pokémon fans.


Tiny little Marshadow looks like a rad addition to any trainer’s team, but there’s no way to catch one yet. The Pokémon Company hinted in April — when it finally confirmed that Marshadow existed — that more info was on the way, but we’ll just have to keep waiting. There will likely be a special distribution event for it sometime later this year, so keep an eye out for details.