There always must be some sort of balance in Video Games, can you play a game were you are plowing through your enemies without any consequence or death? that would get boring very fast. this is the best 6 ways to lose at a video game. The Best 6 Ways to Die in a Video Game


6. Kill A Character From Another Game In Metal Gear Solid 3 And Create A Time Paradox

5. Try To See Lara Naked In Tomb Raider II And She’ll Explode

#4. Lose A Fight With A Rat Of Usual Size In Battlefield 3

3. Cause A Nuclear Explosion In Hitman: Absolution

2. Get The Real Ending In The Witness

1. Take Too Long To Finish Shenmue And The Bad Guy Gets Bored And Kills You

Wow Video Game designers sure know how to add some dramatic deaths, could be a nuke or a boss maybe a rat or exploding body parts nice touch. If you are feeling bored I recommend trying out some of these as they are absolutely hilarious. The Best 6 Ways to Die in a Video Game