The Best Top Video Games of 2016

The Best Top Video Games of 2016


The Last Guardian a Masterpiece Game that has been in development for almost 1 decade, the game originally started development in 2007 hoping for a 2011 release. The developers cant believe the game is actually finished now. The Best Top Video Games of 2016


Overwatch (Blizzard)

Jason: The most addictive multiplayer shooter of the year and a joyously diverse take on the genre, delivered in Blizzard’s hopeful house style. Sidebar: Don’t play Hanzo in competitive mode unless you know what you’re doing (you don’t).

‘Firewatch’ (Campo Santo)

Ben: We’re so in the tank for Firewatch that we just did podcasts with both its writer and its designer.

‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ (Naughty Dog)

Ben: Jason and I talked about Uncharted 4 shortly after it came out; if you want to hear our raves about the final installment of the series starring treasure hunter/scoundrel/American Ninja Warrior–wannabe Nathan Drake.

‘The Last Guardian’ (Team ICO)

Jason: Fumito Ueda understands how to leverage the spare iconography of childhood memory in ways that stir the heart and the soul better than anyone else in games.

‘Inside’ (Playdead)

Ben: Playdead’s puzzle-platformer follow-up to Limbo tells its haunting, dystopian story with Guardian­–like economy. Its ending is its most mind-bending puzzle of all.

‘Superhot’ (SUPERHOT Team)

Jason: A deceptively deep meta-commentary on violent games which contains the first truly new FPS mechanic in years.

‘Titanfall 2’ (Respawn)

Ben: Considering the first Titanfall had no single-player campaign, I wasn’t expecting its sequel to have my favorite from any shooter this year. Full of inventive mechanics and buoyed by one of the year’s best AI sidekicks not named Trico, the second game in the multiplayer-oriented franchise is worth playing for the solo missions alone.

‘Hyper Light Drifter’ (Heart Machine)

Jason: A colorful, mysterious, and at times overly challenging sci-fi callback to the 16-bit adventure games of the SNES era. Low-res never looked so good.

‘Owlboy’ (D-Pad Studio)

Ben: I’m playing Owlboy between holiday blockbusters, so I’m extrapolating from what I’ve seen so far. A retro, 2D platformer inspired by games from the SNES era, Owlboy was in development for almost as long as The Last Guardianand Final Fantasy XV with a fraction of the hype. I’m no sucker for the 16-bit look, but Owlboy has the looks, the sounds, and the story to stack up to the best of a bygone era.

‘Battlefield 1’ (EA Dice)

Jason: Far and away, the best game in the series. Unflinching and savage. The multiplayer maps are works of art.