The long waited Guild of Tamriel is here, The Dark Brother Hood DLC is set to be released this month, With the Thieves guild out of the way the best Guild in previous Elder Scrolls Games is here. This will add new mechanics, weapons and Quest as you become an assassin. The Dark Brother Hood ESO Details


The new DLC pack for Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online will add variety of content and new features to the game. Players will be able to become an assassin for hire, and they will also get access to a new passive skill line. Additionally, players will get more quests and new weapons, along with various rewards and items.

According to GameSpot, players with active ESO Plus Membership can access the DLC for free. Players can also get it with 2,000 crowns in the ESO Crown Store. “A Dark Brotherhood DLC Collector’s Bundle will also be available in the Crown Store for 4,000 crowns,” Bethesda confirmed.  

Meanwhile, many fans are expecting Bethesda to introduce the new game, Elder Scrolls 6, at E3 2016, but the studio might showcase the Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood DLC instead at the event. It can be the studio’s strategy because unveiling the two at the same time may distract fans and divide the audience.

Bethesda is still mum about the highly rumored Elder Scrolls 6. However, the developer is planning to release a patch for the game along with the Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood DLC.

With this new DLC you are going to play as an assassin in the Dark Brotherhood, Veterans of the franchise will know of the Quest that have been played in Previous installments and how fun they can be. The Dark Brother Hood ESO Details