Elder Scrolls Online will soon have its Next DLC the Dark Brotherhood and they are bringing back the famous Blade of Woe, To use it you will not equip it like any other weapon but if you go on sneak mode and assassinate a target it will be used. The Dark BrotherHood ESO Blade of Woe 


Wandering the Gold Coast, picking up assassination contracts, and wielding the Blade of Woe are just a few of the attractions of the upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. The latest piece of downloadable content for the MMO will give players new repeatable quests, a new skill line to master, and much more. New world bosses, new delves, and new gear all await those willing to work with the Dark Brotherhood.

With a release date fast approaching, The Elder Scrolls Online developers are ready to detail a few specifics of the DLC. Today, the Dark Brotherhood skill line is the focus of discussion as seen on the official site. Players that seek out the Dark Brotherhood and begin to work their way through the guild will be given access to the Dark Brotherhood skill line. The line gives players access to the Blade of Woe and a number of passives perfect for stealth, murder, and more.

The first unlock in the line is the actual Blade of Woe itself. The ebony dagger is not equipped in a traditional sense, and instead, players will be able to use the Blade of Woe by simply sneaking up behind a target. The blade is activated like a synergy in The Elder Scrolls Online, and using it will instantly kill a target. The Blade of Woe cannot be used on other players or major targets, though. The last unlock in the line gives the player a 15 percent chance to go completely unnoticed while using the Blade of Woe meaning no one will see the assault and no bounty will be applied.

There will be plenty of more to come with this DLC such as, new Passive Skills, Armor more Weapons and New quests of Course. This will be the last DLC for ESO most likely as they will turn their attention to Elder Scrolls 6. The Dark BrotherHood ESO Blade of Woe