The French Army Appear in Battlefield 1 DLC

The French Army Appear in Battlefield 1 DLC


DICE EA have begun to show new concept art for the Next DLC for Battlefield 1 “They Shall Not Pass” which includes a nice new look for the French Army. the next DLC wont be out until March but it will include new maps and weapons. The French Army Appear in Battlefield 1 DLC


DICE has begun to tease the first major expansion for Battlefield 1, but it won’t be out until March next year.

Battlefield 1 went to such extremes not to focus on trench warfare that in the end it almost went underrepresented, but the new map promises a particularly hellish landscape of mud and burning forests.

Also featuring will be the garrison of Fort Vaux and the tank assaults of the Battle of Soissons. Not that Battlefield 1 was a stickler for historical accuracy, but at least it always looked the part.

Four DLC expansions are planned for Battlefield 1, with the Russian army already confirmed for one of the others.

The approach seems very similar to Star Wars: Battlefront, but after recently talking to DICE about Battlefront 2 it may be that Battlefield 1 is the last EA game to rely on DLC in this manner – with hints that future titles will instead have free maps and paid-for cosmetic content.

Battlefield 1 - the DLC will be over by Christmas, next Christmas that is