The Top 10 Best Old School Games to Play

The Top 10 Best Old School Games to Play


Maybe some of you are old enough to remember the good old days when you will have to go to an Arcade to Play Games and you had to make sure you had enough Quarters? well things have gotten so much simpler in this time. The Top 10 Best Old School Games to Play 



This one, you had 2 laps to beat your time. If you did, you moved on. The tracks got more difficult the farther you went. Plus, you had to be careful your bike didn’t overheat.Otherwise, you lose precious seconds.

Donkey Kong

I spent hours upon hours playing this game. The frustrating part was when you know damn well you jumped that barrel and you still died. Or worse yet, when you have a hammer and it goes away right as a barrel is coming toward you.


This may be my all time favorite video game. Another one i spent hour and hours playing. Remember the “challenge stage?” You had to make sure that when you got the second ship, you stayed exactly where it put you in order to get all of the aliens. If you played the game, you know what I’m talking about.

Dig Dug

There wasn’t much to this game. You had to dig your way through the ground and kill these creatures without letting them escape through the surface. Filling them with air or whatever that was. You could also drop rocks on their head but you had to time it just right.

Burger Time

In Burger Time, you had to climb different levels to build a burger. Walking over and eventually knocking down the bun, lettuce, etc. to the bottom. All the while, watching out for sausages and eggs.

Wizard of Wor

Looking back on it, this game and it’s graphics were pretty primitive but I remember thinking, “Wow. These graphics are amazing.”


How cool was it to blast the flying birds in two. Kind of cool graphics for the time. Then the “mother ship” as we called it. You had to get the last shot just right, to kill the mother ship.

Pac Man

This game was so hot back in the day, they even had a song about it. Holy crap was it bad.

What always blew me away was the people who had all the patterns to get through tons of levels. If I remember right, there was a book too with cheats. Plus, there was a Saturday morning cartoon.


Probably the game with the most simple graphics but still tough to beat. It was even a fun game to play on the Atari 2600. At least Atari added color.


Another game we played for many hours at our local bowling alley. I remember when this came out on NES, how close the graphics were to the original game. Unlike games like Pac Man on the Atari 2600.

These are some of the classic Old School games many Modern Games are Loosely Based off, with today there are many remakes and Reused games and not quite many Originals.

The Top 10 Best Old School Games to Play