The Top 17 Thing we Hate in Video Games

The Top 17 Thing we Hate in Video Games


The History of Video Games is quite the interesting Story, starting from the Original Pong Game Video Games have evolved tremendously the past 40 Years. Now we have Huge Open Worlds and Countless Hours of Online Multiplayer. With that said we are not too keen on other aspects of video Games. The Top 17 Thing we Hate in Video Games


1) Unskippable cut scenes

Far Cry 4.

Especially when placed between a save point and a boss battle. This contravenes our basic human rights.

2) Unreasonably long loading times

The rule is this: if after dying in a game you have time to find your smartphone, go to Twitter, type ‘Ugh this game has unreasonably long loading times’, then reply to everyone who agrees with you, all before you get to restart – the loading times are unreasonably long.

3) Formulaic boss battles

Star Fox Zero

You: So I just have to keep shooting at the weak spot on the giant robot’s chest plate and it’ll eventually explode?
Game: Aha, no, because …
You: Let me guess, when its health gauge reaches a certain level of damage, the robot varies its attack pattern?
Game: Well, yes, but …
You: It’s okay I’ve got this: when it hits a critical level of damage, the robot transforms into something else for one last onslaught?

4) AI companions

Natalya in GoldenEye – the biggest threat to James Bond’s health since the medium dry martini

“I’m so glad I have a computer-controlled character to help get me through this mission, it’ll make things much … wait, he’s stuck behind some scenery. Oh right, now he’s locked into cover and won’t come out. Oh he’s gone – where is he? Ah right, there he is, juggling grenades near that nuclear reactor …”

5) Accidentally leaving voice comms switched on while playing online shooters

“Die newbie scum! Oh wait, my mom’s coming”

You: I fancy an exciting multiplayer session with chart-topping military sim, Necessity of Violence.
12-year-old from Texas: *$%£ YOU, YOU $%£$ING $*£$.
You: on second thoughts, Overcooked anyone?

6) Over-elaborate controls


Just because the PlayStation 4 controller has two analogue sticks and a further 16 possible button presses (as well as a swipe pad), it is not a legal requirement to use ALL OF THEM (often with a further set of button press combinations), making your game only truly accessible to a Venn Diagram of people who have limitless time, patience, digital dexterity, and the working memory of a chess grandmaster.

7) Miserly save points

In Alien Isolation, no one can hear you scream, “for the love of God, where is the next save point?”

You: oh no, I’ve been blown up near the end of level 20, I’m sure I’ll be respawned nearby.
Game: welcome back to the middle of level seven!
You: Just kill me again.

8) Weird voice acting

gaming animated GIF

9) Misleading navigational signposting

Mirror’s Edge

10) Most motion control sequences

None animated GIF

11) Escort quests

Even Rockstar can try our patience sometimes – take for example the ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ escort missions in Red Dead Redemption

12) Poorly designed inventory management screens

Oh for heaven’s sake Witcher 3, what the hell is this?

13) Tank-driving missions in first-person shooters

None animated GIF

14) Hacking mini-games

Thanks Mass Effect, this looks... thrilling?

15) Indestructible doors

“Locked you say? In which case, Leon, you may as well put away nuclear warhead, we’re not getting through here.”

16) Quick time events

Oh Shenmue, you got almost everything else right ...

17) Sex scenes

None animated GIF

Nobody wants to see two dead-eyed polygonal models awkwardly rutting, their limbs nightmarishly passing through each other due to collision detection issues, their heads thudding together in some sort of brutalist parody of kissing. Especially not if there are quick time events.