Things You Might Need To Know About Destiny 2.

Things You Might Need To Know About Destiny 2.


Bungie is about to start letting people in to Destiny 2,this week the company has decided to let players try out the new content and stress test the servers as well,So if your new to the game or you know your way around every raid of the original destiny, these are a few things you might need to know about Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2.

Bungie is getting ready to let people into Destiny 2. We’re still a few months out of commercial release, of course, but this week the company is holding a public beta to let millions of players try out some of the new content and stress test the servers while they’re at it. And so whether you slogged your way through every raid in the original Destiny or you’re new to the game, here’s what you need to know about the Destiny 2 beta:

When It Starts: The Destiny 2 Beta starts on a rolling basis depending on whether or not you pre-ordered and received a code for the closed beta and which platform you’re playing on. Tough luck for PC, which doesn’t start up in this round and doesn’t yet have a firm date for its own beta. The different start times are below, but all the betas end on July 23.

PS4, Closed Beta: July 18, 10 AM PT

Xbox One, Closed Beta: July 19, 10 AM PT

PS4 + Xbox One Open Beta: July 21, 10  AM PT

PC: August TBD

What You Can Do: 


Story Mission: The opening mission of the campaign, pitting the players against the Cabal’s “Red Legion” out to capture the light of The Traveler for their own probable nefarious purposes. Or maybe they’re just trying to get by. Hard to say. 

Strike: A three-player cooperative strike called “The Inverted Spire,” featuring some angry Vex awakened by the Red Legion.

PvP: There are two modes on offer here – (1) Classic Destiny Control on the new “Endless Vale” map, as well as (2) The new attack and defend “Countdown” mode.

New Subclasses: The new subclasses are bound to be of particular interest to returning players. Warlocks get the “Dawnblade” class, Hunters the “Arcstrider,” and Titans the “Sentinel.” All three will be available for experimentation during the beta.

The Farm: This is Destiny’s new social space, replacing The Tower from the original game. It won’t go live until July 23, but we’ll get a chance to explore at that point.

What You Can’t Do: This being a beta, most of the content on offer for the final game will be off limits. In addition, many of the vendors and services at The Farm will be offline, and player progression won’t operate like it will in the finished product. Of course, the launch will represent an entirely fresh start, and none of that progress you make in the next few days will carry over into commercial release. The only exception will be a special emblem that you can only get from participating in the beta. In addition, Clans will not be supported.

What To Expect: Every beta hits the public with a different degree of polish, but as a rule of thumb it’s best to remember that you are playing an unfinished game that’s out for testing before final release. For an online game like Destiny 2, a major part of that testing process is ironing out connectivity and server-side issues and to that end, Bungie has warned players to expect network issues as they play, as well as balancing issues in the sandbox. Bungie’s experience means that I doubt that this will be an unplayable experience by any means, but be prepared to get kicked out of your activities from time to time, wait longer than you want and all those other problems online games can have. Better now than after release.