Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Gaming History

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Gaming History


The Huge Video Game companies are out there for a reason to make money. When a Company puts in the work and release a well made game people cant resist handing  over their hard-earned cash for some quality gaming entertainment. Big companies can also make mistakes and crumble down. Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Gaming History


1. Xbox One reveal

2. PlayStation Network outage

Nathan Drake stands with gun in hand in a jungle.

3. Virtual Boy

The Virtual Boy headset

4. Ouya

The tiny Ouya console

5. Konami running its franchises into the ground

Simon Belmont in front of Dracula's castle.

6. Overpriced PlayStation 3

7. Sonic overload

Sonic the hedgehog carries a princess in this 2006 reboot

8. Capcom ditching Mega Man

Mega Man and robot villains

9. Confusing Wii U announcement

10. Nintendo blowing a partnership with Sony

Mario and co. next to a Nintendo logo

The gaming History could of gone in many different ways in the 90’s but thanks to the hard work of game developers and artist we are able to enjoy the top quality games these days, as long as they are well made. Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Gaming History