Top 10 Video Game Story Cliche That Must Stop

Top 10 Video Game Story Cliche That Must Stop


Video Games Storytelling has fallen in standard in the last couple years, with many know cliches we have seen about 100 times. The worst part would be knowing what is going to happen before it does. When Developers get lazy with the plot it makes you wonder if the game was worth the money. Top 10 Video Game Story Cliche That Must Stop


10. Kill The Cutie

Prime Offender: Titanfall 2, Final Fantasy VII

Need a quick and dirty emotional punch? Easy. Kill the super-loveable character – the one that audiences have grown to love over the course of a few hours.

9. Your Choices Actually Mean Nothing

Prime Offender: Wolfenstein: New Blood, all Telltale games

Video games are a vehicle for empowerment. We feel like the heroes, in charge of our own destinies and controlling what happens in the universe. Makes sense, then, to offer choices, right?

8. Hold X To… [Do Something]

Prime Offender: Every Call of Duty game

Interaction is one of the key things in video games. But maintaining that while also delivering a decent narrative is a tricky thing to balance.

7. You Need To Backtrack To Move Forward

Prime Offender: Halo 3, Castlevania

This cliché is an example of both lazy storytelling and lazy level design – which is pretty much the double-whammy of cardinal gaming sins.

6. Boss Mutation

Prime Offender: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil 2

In movies, there’s a rule that the bad guy always comes back for one last scare. In games, that rule has become ‘the bad guy always mutates for a second boss level.’

5. You Were The Bad Guy All Along

Prime Offender: Bioshock: Infinite, Spec Ops: The Line, Heavy Rain

WHAT?! Me?! I’m the baddie?! I did not see that coming.

4. “This Is Super-Urgent” But…

Prime Offender: Fallout 4, Mass Effect 3, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

From a storytelling perspective, one of the major problems with open-world games is the fact that you have both the main questline – and about a thousand side-quests.

3. Your Sidekick’s Awesome Until…

Prime Offender: Mass Effect 2, ReCore

You know how it is. You assemble an awesomely powerful team who can kill and maim thousands of evil-doers over the course of the game and then…

2. The Enemy Knows Where You Because The Story Demands It

Prime Offender: Outlast, Resident Evil, Alien Isolation

Event triggers in games aren’t new. It’s a way of advancing the story based on a gamer’s actions. You complete a puzzle or section of the map, which tells the game to activate an enemy.

1. You’re The One And Only Hero Because… Reasons

Prime Offender: Mass Effect, Deus Ex

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some – almost invariably in video games – have greatness thrust upon them. In the real world, heroes tend to be one of the first two (you know, soldiers, leaders, philosophers, that sort of thing).

While many of these Cliche’s caught the eye and love from some gamers they are just plain and simple, we have seen them in movies and TV shows we don’t want some old stuff in Games as well.  Top 10 Video Game Story Cliche That Must Stop