Top 5 Games to Look forward in 2016

Top 5 Games to Look forward in 2016


What are the most anticipated games everyone is hyping up and looking forward in 2016? take a look below to see the best  Games to come out this year with some long waited sequels and Prequels. Top 5 Games to Look forward in 2016 


‘Horizon Zero Dawn,’ February 28


‘South Park: The Fractured But Whole,’ Q1


‘Mass Effect: Andromeda,’ March 21

‘Red Dead Redemption 2,’ Hopefully Q3 or 4

‘Star Wars Battlefront 2,’ Pre-Episode VIII

DICE has revealed little about the new game so far. It apparently won’t have a Conquest mode, which is a terrible idea and not surprising in the least. It may have a much-requested single-player campaign. They will likely focus on the new trilogy, disappointing fans and gamers who pine for prequel-era content.