There is nothing better than playing a game and having the satisfaction of enjoying it even when just sitting around and looking at the immerse world. One of the biggest crimes of the gaming industry is when they dont know which games deserve a sequel! check out the Top 6 Games Itching for a Sequel


6. Brutal legends

Anything with Jack Black in it gets my vote and In terms of all out fun – Brutal Legends scores top marks. The best roadie for the worst rock band ever – that’s comedy gold right there.

Yes, it had a few issues but it was so rocking that I was very easily able to overlook any minor glitch. I am not even a rock fan but ‘Double Fiiiiine’ made a killer game. There are rumours afoot that if Psychonauts 2 does well then we may be in for a Brutal Legends 2 – but that is cherry axe thinking right now.

5. Alan Wake

If Steven King made a video game it would look, feel and play like Alan Wake. This is one of my all-time favourite horror games and I still can’t believe it hasn’t had a sequel. A little clunky at times but the atmosphere that surrounded the player easily compensated for that. It made me uneasy – not many games even now, make me feel uneasy.

There are rumours circulating around this title too – although according toKotaku, we will not be seeing anything Alan Wakey anytime soon. Although the studio are currently experimenting with Wake possibilities.

4. Eternal Darkness

Can you imagine a current gen reboot of this epic psychological horror!? The innovative gameplay concepts and cult-like following make it almost impossible to believe that a sequel has not been made.

There was talk some time back that a sequel could be made with the collaboration with Epic Games but due to legal and monetary issues the game was scrapped. Will we see an Eternal Darkness 2 anytime soon? Sadly, I think not.

3. Bulletstorm

An average shooter made awesome by rude jokes and slow motion obliteration. Another immensely fun game to play with the added bonus of exploding the bad guys all over your screen – although it does seem to play very openly into a sequel it never seemed to gather any real motion in the Bulletstorm cool down period.

2. Limbo

Limbo was a simple game that was just nice to play – the white, black and grey tones allowed the player to sink into the young boys eerie new world. It was in essence, a platform puzzle game – each obstacle that had to be overcome was almost a game within itself.

The aesthetics made the player feel as if they were playing Limbo from within their dreams. It really was quite magical. This just needs a sequel – it is that simple.

1. The Last of Us

Never have I ever connected with a protagonist like I did with Joel and Ellie. The story of having absolute faith in another human was beautifully stirring. The Last of Us is absolutely one of the best games I have ever played. The game deserves movies, parades, sequels and pretty much anything else it wants.

It combined all the greatest aspects of a horror game with all the best aspects of a survival game. But it had a story that sucked the player into the cold sparse world in which our protagonist existed. Without a doubt, The Last of Us needs a sequel.

But what would the sequel focus on? Ellie and Joel or a new collection of characters – I don’t think I could go through that all again with Ellie and Joel but at the same time want nothing more than to go through it all again with Ellie and Joel. The torture!

They can make sequels for games such as Beyonetta but they never look at the great games that have been left untouched waiting for a sequel. Top 6 Games Itching for a Sequel