Top 8 Video Games filled with Food

Top 8 Video Games filled with Food


Ever since the Release of Pac-Man in 1980 video games had a phase whereby the player would eat fruit or pellets or anything in order to gain points or beat the game, this is a tribute to all those classic games that were so simple back in the day. Top 8 Video Games filled with Food


Burger Time

In Burger Time, the player is chef Peter Pepper who must walk over all the components of a burger, moving them onto a waiting plate, until all the burgers have been made. While stepping on the burger ingredients, chef Peter Pepper must avoid his enemies, Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg, but he can stun his enemies with pepper shots and can win extra pepper shots by collecting bonus foods such a French fries orice cream.

Diner Dash

Try your hand at running and managing your very own dineras you take on the persona of Flo, a woman who quit her job in a big stock market to fix up and run her very own diner. As Flo, you are responsible for serving all the diner’s customers, keeping them happy, and sometimes even cooking the food: You’ll soon understand how hard working in a restaurant is.

Fat Princess

Despite its fairly offensive name, Fat Princess is a fantastic food-centric video game.  Players are in teams, and must make the opponents’ job of saving the captive princess by carrying her back to her castle harder by feeding her as many slices of cakeas possible. The princess gains weight with every piece of cake she eats, making it harder for the team to carry her back to her castle.

Food Fight

Food Fight presents the player with a challenge that we are all far too familiar with: The player is Charley Chuck, who needs toeat an ice cream cone that is placed on the far side of a playing field before it melts. The obstacles that separate Charley from his ice cream are chefs, and the only way to get past them is to throw food (which is in piles on the screen) at them, and dodge the food they’re throwing at you.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is centered entirely around slicing fruit. Fruit is thrown up on to the screen and the player has to use a blade to slice the fruit in half. Bonus points are awarded if multiple fruits are sliced in one swipe: Efficiency is key.


Often considered the original video game, Pac-Man is all about eating. The aim of the game is to make Pac-Man eat as much as possible, whether that’s many, many dots, power pellets that enable him to eat his enemies, or the point-heavy fruit.

Pizza Tycoon

For all the aspiring pizza chefs out there, Pizza Tycoon is the perfect game for you. As the player, you are the manager of a pizza restaurant, and you must create your own pizza, compete in cooking contests, and design your own restaurant and kitchen. On a darker note, you can also request the town’s mafia to sabotage your competitors’ restaurants in order to further your own success.


When playing Zoombinis (Zoombinis being small blue creatures trying to escape imprisonment), you become the Zoombini guide, responsible for helping everyone reach the safety of Zoombiniville. To reach Zoombiniville, one challenge you have to complete is the Pizza Pass. This involves guessing which pizza topping each troll will want on their pizza: This life-or-death food decision has huge consequences for the little blue creatures.