Top Best Games of 2016 So Far!

Top Best Games of 2016 So Far!


2016 has been a brilliant year for gaming so far with many great nostalgic games such as doom out and the new competitive games that will take you by surprise like Overwatch, to see the list check down below. Top Best Games of 2016 So Far!


Game of the Month May (Runner-up): Overwatch

Overwatch pulls off what seems impossible for most multiplayer shooters: promoting cooperation and rewarding teamwork while still giving individuals their own personal moments of glory. This team-based FPS employs the same winning formula as Team Fortress 2, where distinct roles and objective-based maps incentivize players to diversify their skills to bolster their allies. And you’ll definitely want to try out every hero to see who suits you, because the characters in Overwatch’s roster are all wonderfully unique and equally enticing in their own ways.

Game of the Month May (Winner): Doom