What is the Next Stage for Pokemon Go?

What is the Next Stage for Pokemon Go?


With Pokemon Go players are out walking with buddies collecting candy, Exploring catching pokemon and Filling up that Pokedex. the remaining issue at the moments is battling, we are talking gym and friendly battling. What is the Next Stage for Pokemon Go? 

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What is the Next Stage for Pokemon Go? 

Battling in Pokémon GO has always been a little rocky from the start. The gym system has had to deal with a number of technical glitches closer to launch which resulted in immortal defenders and game crashes. Then it was spoofing hackers taking over spots with ultra-high CP Pokémon. Now? There aren’t as many technical or hacking problems, but the gym system has settled into sort of a weird place all the same.

This was somewhat predictable, as die-hard players kept going with the game, and more casual players drifted away, but now we’re starting to get into situation where gyms are 8-10 levels deep for a specific team, full of 2500+ CP (legitimate) Pokémon of only a few varieties. This results in teams taking and holding gyms for excessively long periods of time, and players walking up, seeing a giant wall in front of them, and simply walking away rather than spending the hour it would take to knock it down.


Let’s take the level 10 gym by my house, one that used to be no higher than 3-5 a few weeks ago. Now, what’s there? Three Laprases, two Snorlaxes, one Gyarados and four Dragonites, all above 2200 CP. It’s been there for ages, and there are loads of other level 8-10 gyms all around the city, ones that used to be much more competitive.

You can make an argument that this is fine. That teams that work together and train high CP Pokémon and are devoted enough to the game to create these monsters deserve to take these gyms and hold onto them. But I think there are some aspects of this that are making the game pretty stale, and I have some ideas for how I would change things around.

1. No Multiple Copies Of Pokémon Per Gym

At this point, it’s getting more than a little tiring to see the same “god tier” of Pokémon planted in every gym. Most gyms are some composition of Arcanine, Vaporeon, Snorlax, Lapras, Gyardos and Dragonite. I see more Snorlaxes and Dragonites than anything else, and while I understand why they’re there as such big powerhouses, I don’t really like the idea that a level 10 gym can literally be half-full of 2600+ Dragonites.

My suggestion is to restrict it so that only one type of Pokémon can be in a gym at a time. One Dragonite. One Lapras. One Vaporeon. While you could still have a gym made up of all the heavy hitters I just mentioned, overall, I think that would encourage more diversity, as maybe you’d start seeing more alternates in gyms than everyone just throwing their one high CP Dragonite as another brick in the gym wall.

2. Only Let Gyms Reach Level 6

Ten level gyms are just stupidly hard to take down. Yes, if you band up with a team and take them on in groups, they’re easier to knock over, but generally, most players are playing by themselves at any given moment, and these sorts of towering obstacles are just too daunting to even think about trying to take over.

My suggestion is to cap gym levels at six, meaning that like the original game, you will never be facing off against more than six Pokémon at a time, as you also have six Pokémon to use when attacking. By knocking four levels off of gyms, we would once again see them turn over a bit more, but with six slots, you could still stack some monsters in there that would be hard to take out. Seems like a win-win.

Photo: Niantic

Photo: Niantic

3. Implement “Themed” Elemental Gyms

This is sort of a wacky idea I’ve had recently, because as I said, even doing all the things I mentioned mean that you’re still probably going to see the same six Pokémon planted in most gyms. But what if there were certain restrictions so that wasn’t the case?

So, like the original game, make specific gyms tied to specific elements. Make a fire gym, where you can still use your Arcanine, but it would also be home to Flareons, Rapidashes, Ninetails, Magmars, etc. Make an electric gym for Raichus, Jolteons, Electabuzes, Magnetons, etc.

Not every gym would be like this, but restricting a few to only a specific type of Pokémon would be fun, and encourage diversity (these could rotate periodically). They would be high turnover, as it would be easy for attacking players to use counters to destroy them, but again, that’s how the original game worked, and that was plenty of fun. It would be a way for players to attack and defend using Pokémon they don’t normally consider. If we don’t see anything like this, mark my words, a year from now every single gym will only be made up of legendary birds and Mewtwos.