Which were the Best 5 Indie Games of 2016

Which were the Best 5 Indie Games of 2016


2016 seemed to be an exciting year for Console Gamers as many new Blockbuster Titles arrived in the last year, Some of these games include Uncharted Series, we seen the return of Corvo in Dishonored 2 and we can’t forget Pokemon Go which had its Players Walking like sheep. Which were the Best 5 Indie Games of 2016

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1. Oxenfree

“Oxenfree” follows the story of Alex and her brother-in-law Jonas as they travel to Edwards Island with a group of friends for their annual summer blowout. Alex brings her radio because there are certain spots on the island the player can tune to, in to learn about the island’s history. But the radio also unlocks a more sinister aspect of the island, separating the group and sending both Alex and Jonas on a journey to save their friends.

The 5 Best Indie Video Games of 2016

2. Inside

Another breath of fresh air for the horror genre, “Inside” is an unsettling platforming puzzle adventure about a red-shirted little boy. There is no dialogue in the game and no explanations, but the world that the boy lives in is clearly treacherous to those who think freely, perhaps a statement about where society is headed.

The 5 Best Indie Video Games of 2016

3. Stardew Valley

Fans of “Harvest Moon” games or farming simulators will likely love “Stardew Valley,” a peaceful RPG that allows players to cultivate their very own farm after leaving a mindless job at JoJa Corporation.

The game is easy to play and quick-to-learn, though it certainly isn’t simple like most games of the same genre. Unlike with farming simulators found on Facebook, “Stardew Valley” has a genuine story that propels the purpose for your farming ventures forward.

The 5 Best Indie Video Games of 2016

4. Unravel

In “Unravel,” the player traverses a beautiful world as a tiny, red yarn figure that goes by the name of Yarny. The game begins by introducing an elderly woman who picks up a picture frame of a young child, before she walks up the stairs and drops a red ball of yarn.

The yarn rolls out of the frame and Yarny pops in. Through various picture frames in the woman’s house, Yarny journeys through different landscapes, introducing the player to various memories of the old woman.

The 5 Best Indie Video Games of 2016

5. Firewatch

“Firewatch” is a first-person mystery set in 1989 that follows a witty hero by the name of Henry who decides to spend some time as a Shoshone National Forest fire lookout after having trouble with his marriage. He meets Delilah, another fire lookout, on his first day, and the two of them converse by walkie-talkie throughout the game as they attempt to figure out what’s going on in their forest.

The 5 Best Indie Video Games of 2016
Indie Companies are heading in the Right Direction with all these Smashing Games they have released. There will be many Exciting Indie Games Coming out in 2017 so stay tuned. Which were the Best 5 Indie Games of 2016